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GI Joe Action Figures, G.I. Joe Vintage Toys & GI Joe Collectibles - Guru-Planet

GI Joe Action Figures, G.I. Joe Vintage Toys & GI Joe Collectibles - Guru-Planet

Some History about SpyLounge

It's no exaggeration to call Don Hoff a big fan of action figures. While many people buy and collect these wonderful colorful pieces of plastic, there are some that find the hobby provides an outlet for creative energies. Don was one, as he was always into customizing and sculpting figures, turning a stock figure into one that hadn't been released yet. The next step was to spend hours creating his own original characters.
Eventually, Don decided to make his hobby pay its own way. He formed Guru Toyz Company, setting up as a registered e-business in Florida. The retail web-store specializes in G.I. Joe 3.75-inch action figures and accessories. proudly proclaims: "We search all over the globe to bring you those old GI Joes!"
For most people, that would be plenty. Don Hoff took it one more step.  He decided to form his own action figure brand,  Why?
"Well, since you're asking ... I always wanted to. I wanted to create something fresh and different. More mature, yet can fit in scale of 3.75 inches."
Which brings us to the company's first star, Agent Annika. Standing 3.75 inches tall, the figure has 12 points of articulation: neck, 2 shoulders, 2 elbows, 2 wrists, waist, 2 knees, and 2 legs.  She's compatible with the classic G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures.  The big question is whether these classic toys can withstand the feminine charms of a toy that brings added meaning to the term "action figure".
Don was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me.

Angelo: Who is Agent Annika?
Don: Agent Annika is a member of an Operative Commando Unit so secret that few even know of its existence. This unit is only known as Sub Five by a very few people. The name Sub Five refers to the clearance level need to access these elite forces. Alone or in large numbers these agents are lethal...

Angelo: What's her story?
Don: We're not revealing it yet. Look for a comic book hopefully by the end of the year. And we plan on more content on our website.

Angelo:  Do you plan to make more figures?
Don: Yes, plan to see different version of Agent Annika first. Then more figures from her world. We’ll have some great new stuff.

Angelo:  How did you choose "" as a name?
Don: We chose because we wanted "Spy" to refer to classic concepts of espionage and character associations involved with the genre.  We wanted it to have a feel. "Lounge" refers to calm lounge music. So Spy Lounge Network was created.

Angelo:  How do you make the action figures? Do you have your own production facilities?
Don: Can't give too much away. We have in house and out house sculptors and artists working on our projects. Funding is always a challenge. It is an expensive process. The prototype gets approved and the figure gets manufactured in China.

Angelo:  Are you looking to license other properties?
Don: Yes. We have been in talks with 2 different comic book companies.

Angelo:  How do you plan to distribute your product?
 Don: It's very grass roots right now. We plan on more marketing to perfect our product. We are also looking for interested dealers or shop owners who want to promote the figure for us. 
Send me an e-mail at

Angelo:  Where can interested parties buy an Agent Annika action figure?
Don: You can buy it from guru-planet if you just click here

Angelo:  Where can someone learn more about Agent Annika and
Don: Our website - any news will be here first, and you can sign up for our newsletter, so when we do have our next great figure, you'll know.
We are kindly asking people to support us with word of mouth or linking to our website or posting on message boards and blogs. It's our grass roots thing. Please take a banner and link to

Angelo: I'll gladly set up a link for SpyLounge, Don!  In my other identity as a writer/publisher, I'm always happy to help out anyone who wants to make his or her creations become reality!  Best of luck with Agent Annika! 
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